About us

Balkan eCommerce is a partnership project of two companies which are well known on the market and have excellent reputation. They both specialize in seemingly different activities – courier services and direct and digital marketing.

Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria Ltd. is a direct and digital marketing agency, part of the French group La Poste. Since 2012, it has been offering development of promotional web sites, online advertising in Facebook or Google and many other digital services. In 2015 Mediapost Hit Mail was the only Bulgarian digital agency invited by Facebook to an international workshop in Dublin, Ireland. Since 2016, it has been a Google Partner for AdWords activities.

InOut Trade Ltd. offers tailored courier and transport solutions for your business. The company may deliver your shipments from and to each point of the world. The main focus is on shipments between Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Greece. Partners of InOut are reliable courier companies from both sides of the Danube bridge, with the highest rate of customer satisfaction, the largest market share and the best flexibility in servicing physical and online merchants.


We do everything to accommodate your e-commerce website to the Bulgarian, Romanian or Greek markets. We translate the online shop, we help you prepare the documents needed to open a company, we provide you with courier services, we offer a warehouse for the products and we win many new customers for you.

You only take care of the maintenance of the shop and you supply the products you offer.

More than 4 years ago, InOut signed a partnership agreement with the leader in the courier industry in Romania – SA Urgent Cargus /at that time called only Urgent/. The purpose was to start a joint courier service which was to ensure terms of delivery in Bulgaria and Romania, combined with the best price, which were unachievable before. Two years of hard work for development of the markets on both sides of the Danube have followed. The period of trial and error ended soon and following some good marketing of the product, the business started to attract new customers. The service keeps on getting popular, but still there are companies from the Balkan countries who are not aware that good courier services at normal prices in both directions are being offered. At the beginning of 2015, however, the markets demanded something more than “pure” courier service.

Huge opportunities for the business:
A lot of physical and online merchants from Bulgaria wanted to enter the Romanian market which is three times bigger than the Bulgarian. They needed legal and accounting consultations, proper marketing services, reliable translation of the online shops, call center for servicing customers, warehouse areas for managing the orders, etc. There was a considerable demand of a service which offers in one place all the services listed above.

The first presentation of the concept happened last autumn when a very successful event organized by InOut took place – „Romania – Mission Possible“. In partnership with the Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the industry in Ruse, there was a forum with unseen attendance of businessmen from all over Bulgaria and Romania. More than 100 companies listened for a day to the lectures on successful business models from various industries in both Bulgaria and Romania – free of charge.

By the time of the event, tens of companies had already used the service successfully. However, it still had no name. The business needed to have the whole organizational and marketing cycle in one place. This way it could save time and money in the process of launching their products on the new market abroad.

The first name of this product was „Ro-Mania“, but there was still something missing – the marketing part of the service. This issue was solved by Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria – a very successful direct and digital marketing agency, part of the group of the French Post, with representative offices in France, Romania, Spain, Portugal and Vietnam. The Country Manager for Bulgaria – Hristo Radichev – realized that Mediapost is the missing part of „Ro-Mania“. The company had a team of proven marketing experts in both Romania and Bulgaria, well aware of the tendencies and specifics of these markets.

After the unified service was launched for Bulgaria and Romania market, there came the logical question „Why not in Greece too?“. Thus, “RO-Mania” was replaced by “Balkan еCommerce