Balkan eCommerce with participation of this year’s online event Ecommerce Expo Virtual 2021

April 08 2021

In the beginning of March Balkan eCommerce contributed to this year’s event eCommerce Expo Virtual 2021. Apart from the sponsorship, during the massive online event, Hristo Radichev (Country Manager of Mediapost Hit Mail Bulgaria) and Vihren Bisset (Commercial Director of InOut Trade) presented to the participants the opportunities for international expansion through the Balkan eCommerce expertise.

This year’s eCommerce Expo Virtual (in association with Technology for Marketing) was inspired by one of the most significant outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic – the digital shift. Every aspect of our lives – from working to shopping moved to online formats. The online event provided some fascinating insights into how companies faced and managed online sales, virtual communication with clients and building their digital brand. Moreover #ECE21 focused on trends such as changeable consumer habits and provided guidelines for building post-pandemic business strategies.

Balkan eCommerce participated on March 4 with an extremely relevant presentation in the Delivery & Fulfillment Track. During the session Radichev and Bisset revealed some of the best ways to solve the complex logistics and fulfillment puzzle many ecommerce companies are struggling with.

The topic of the presentation was “The New Fulfillment & Delivery Gateway to the EU: A Smarter Option”. About 150 registered participants learned about the huge capacity, which can be a unique network of more than 10 logistics centers and more than 20 courier companies in Europe. In addition, they learned how the integrated fulfillment and warehouse could save up time, decrease technical issues and transform fixed to variable costs.

The presentation emphasized on the main fulfillment benefits such as having more flexibility, managing inventory more easily and covering more markets from one point. Deliverability benefits like staying logistically independent and getting to choose from the best local couriers were mentioned as well.

Balkan eCommerce together with all the panelists and participants in eCommerce Expo Virtual 2021 managed to map out the evolution of ecommerce in some of the most uncertain and challenging times.