Imagine how much more you can earn from your online shop if you had quick and easy access to the Balkans (namely Bulgaria, Romania and Greece) – a market with more than 38 million people!

But, to have a successful business in any of these countries, you need several things:

  • Perfectly translated e-shop, with texts reviewed by native Bulgarians, Greeks and Romanians and not by translators with questionable skills.
  • Reliable couriers, who can ensure a timely delivery in each of these countries.
  • Warehouse areas, close to or in the territory of each of these countries.
  • Dedicated team for customer service in Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian – all of them native speakers.
  • Legal consultants who will help you prepare all the documents needed for establishing a company in each of these countries without any flaws or errors.
  • A direct & digital marketing team which helps you drive the right people to your e-commerce website and convert them into customers

With Balkan eCommerce, you get all of these services in one place! You don’t have to waste time and resources to find all the suppliers for each service. Just contact us and we will help you make your way onto these markets.