Sell Abroad

If you want to sell abroad, the localization of your online shop is your most important task.

You should take care of the translation and adaptation of your online shop. But in order to be absolutely sure that the texts of your site are suitable and the design corresponds to local cultural specifics, both should be reviewed and edited by local experts. Balkan eCommerce helps you arrange all this.

Some other things you should take care of when you want to sell in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and not only are:

  • Reliable transport and logistics of the products you offer.
  • Order packing.
  • Customer service by native speakers.
  • Last but not least, you should know who and how will be engaged with the advertisement of your online shop.


You may get all of these in one place with the services of Balkan eCommerce. If you have a successful local online business, maybe it’s time for you to also start selling abroad. Contact us to learn more.