Orders Fulfillment and Warehousing

Easy Integration with Your Website and Plenty of Warehouses to Choose From


No matter where you want to start selling online, our integrated fulfillment system ensures you have all important information in one place. You have direct access, full reporting and smooth operational workflow that ensure you have all the real time data you might need.
We can provide you with orders fulfillment service in warehouses located across Europe, plus UAE and Vietnam. You can choose either one or more of them depending on your expansion strategy.

Orders Monitoring and Stock Management

At any moment you know how many products you have on stock with us, what is the status of each order and what happens with the returns. You will have the full picture about your products, no matter in which country or countries you have it with us. Never disappoint a customer with delivery of expired goods – we will update you about close to expiry dates, so you can ship first these products and avoid waste.

Local Address for Returns

We constantly monitor delivery rates against our benchmarks for your product category and alert you for any issues. We also provide you with local address for order returns so that you save on courier costs. We always do for you return parcel management by checking the returned parcels for damaged products and put back in stock the ones that can be re-used. Based on your instructions, on a regular basis we can send you consolidated shipments with your returned orders whenever you prefer.
Need to move your stock from one fulfillment warehouse to another? No problems! Just specify the quantities and needed delivery date and we will prepare the shipment and organize the transportation for you – either a box, a pallet or if needed a whole truck.


Big Capacity for Orders Processing

All the warehouses have big capacity so we can process large volumes of orders within a day. If you need extra space for your inventory, we can provide you with either more shelves or more pallets to stock it up.

Our skilled operators can quickly pick and pack your products within short timeframes so that you deliver the orders to your customers quickly. We also have excellent conditions from local or international couriers for both cross-border or local delivery. You can find more about this in our Courier Service section.


Learn more about our warehouse and fulfillment services – send us a request at contact@balkanecommerce.com or ask for a quote!