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AdScout – all-in-one network of reliable recommendations, conversion platform and personalised navigator for consumers

This social platform is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, building a network of reliable recommendations and connecting satisfied consumers and businesses

The free AdScout platform was born in the difficult months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its founder Miroslav Stoyanov is an IT entrepreneur, but also a passionate snowboarder. During the months of isolation, he communicated with his friends mainly online, and most of them asked him for advice on where to buy equipment and gear for their favourite sport – snowboarding. That is how the idea for AdScout emerged; a free platform to connect businesses, satisfied consumers and new customers, based on reliable recommendations that benefit everyone. Since Miroslav Stoyanov has many years of experience both in the development of the start-up ecosystem in Bulgaria, and in large technological corporations, he has observations on the real challenges for businesses of all sizes. Over the years, he has faced a number of marketing problems while working with various agencies that specialize in business development and in increasing company sales. He was quick to realise that the market was oversaturated and that the lack of trust among consumers was based on the lack of authenticity in the way products were offered on the Internet, among other things. While consumers are swimming in a sea of ads, businesses are doing everything they can to acquire data in order to better personalize and target their offers. Tech giants are pouring huge resources into understanding consumer preferences based on what they are browsing or searching for. According to the creators of AdScout, no one knows the particular consumer better than their relatives and friends, whom they already trust. That is why AdScout creates the missing element – personal recommendation.

“It’s no news to anyone that traditional advertising channels are badly worn out. People are overwhelmed by the huge amount of information; companies are competing for the attention of the audience in any ways and on all channels. The wave of influencers appeared, followed by micro-influencers, community branding, etc. And it seems that we have forgotten what it means to take a step back, to understand the root of the challenge related to offering any good or service. And this is the lack of authenticity that quite naturally led to the lack of trust among consumers. We tried to digitize word-of-mouth recommendation on influencers’ Instagram profiles, forgetting that we turn for advice to family and friends because we trust them. Something that is very difficult to create with followers on social media,” says Miroslav Stoyanov.

The platform can be integrated with absolutely no troubles with any website/online store, and the impact of AdScout on its speed and functionality is none. It can surely attract new customers with its personalized and impactful multimedia that urges the site visitors to make the purchase so desired by the merchant. In this way, AdScout dramatically increases conversions as well. Subscription plans are designed specifically for website owners who want to improve the customer experience through personalized pop-up videos that transfer and navigate consumes to the marketer’s desired website endpoint, e.g.: current promotions, news, buy button, etc. Thanks to the platform, e-marketers can rely on optimization of high marketing costs, because when working with AdScout only the realized results are paid. Costs per click are also reduced when attracting new visitors/traffic to the online store and making them easier to convert into real customers. What is more, AdScout solves the issues of unclear return on investment, regarding the cost of marketing campaigns and influencers. The platform puts an end to the complicated UX & low conversion rates with traditional digital marketing tools, as well as by reducing the number of “forgotten full carts”.

The integration is easy and fast, as can be seen on the demo video: AdScout Demo Subscription Model (

AdScout offers different and flexible business models:

  • AdScout affiliate model:

A commission model for promoters and AdScout based only on staked and achieved results

  • AdScout influencer model:

Commission only for AdScout

  • AdScout subscriptions:

AdScout offers subscription plans designed specifically for website owners who want to improve consumer experience through personalized pop-up videos that transfer and navigate consumers to the marketer’s desired website endpoint, e.g.: current promotion, news, buy button, etc.

These plans are designed to significantly increase conversions and can be used with or without the affiliate model: AdScout – Partners

Thus, the platform brings the best of e-commerce to everyone in the chain, from online business owners who attract new customers and increase their revenue, to influencers who easily generate passive income, to satisfied customers who enjoy trusted recommendations, specially created for them. In this way, AdScout turns every satisfied consumer into an advertising channel for attracting new customers.

AdScout provides 24/7 technical and business support, detailed real-time statistics, as well as API integration for additional automation of the entire process. AdScout supports invoicing and payments, handling the financial part for the customers, making all payments and issuing the necessary documents. The platform supports payments with the most common currencies and allows users to choose which of them to operate with. AdScout enables integration through AdScout API, CloudCart, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, GoogleTagManager. The mobile application is free and available on Google play, App store and Huawei AppGallery.

In less than a year, AdScout won the trust of the NV3 fund that invested in this fast-growing start-up, and has a successful partnership with nearly 30 e-merchants, including one of the largest appliances merchants in Bulgaria, online stores for fashion, cosmetics, equipment, sports and leisure.

According to the founder of AdScout, Miroslav Stoyanov, e-commerce is at the beginning of an expansion that is still difficult for us to even imagine. The deployment of AI into businesses is unlikely to leave online commerce models as we know them today. Potential customers will become more demanding on their consumer experience and marketers will have to invest more and more resources in attracting and retaining them.

And about the future plans of AdScout, the company expects to go beyond the Bulgarian market this year.