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OLX Bulgaria

What’s more?

OLX Bulgaria is the largest classifieds platform in Bulgaria, constituting a community of millions of sellers and buyers. Its evolution unfolds at a rapid pace, driven by an unwavering commitment to its users. This commitment manifests through a multifaceted approach aimed at enhancing user experience and satisfaction. One cornerstone of this approach is the extensive array of choices available to users, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Furthermore, OLX continually optimizes its operations, leveraging the agility afforded by digitalization to adapt swiftly to evolving market dynamics and user expectations. This agility ensures that OLX remains at the forefront of the online trading landscape, providing seamless and efficient services to its ever-expanding user base.

Supporting the local businesses

The growing demand has motivated OLX to develop the company’s own business platform. It is a portal that targets all businesses that aim to reach the already established community of users – both at national and regional level. The platform also provides tools for managing published listings, quick and direct communication with the end buyer, coordination and delivery tracking, as well as additional functionalities designed for easy and efficient sales management, sustainable in the long run.

Among the most valuable advantages for business customers are: the development of their own business web page indexed in search engines as an independent virtual store within the OLX community, increased visibility and thorough statistics on the users’ engagement with the published ads.

The key opportunities created by OLX Business include:

  • 0% sales commission

Being present within the platform does not require addittional investments. OLX does not charge commission for any of the business users’ transaction online. Therefore, it promotes the individual responsibility for control over the costs – all the way from the price of the published products to the budget dedicated for promotional packages. The key message is simple and promising: “With OLX you only invest in your business!”

  • National coverage

The OLX community is unique, consisting of millions of sellers and buyers. The key opportunity it provides to all business-oriented customers is the automatic access to these people – by publishing each product/ service listing. Current data indicates that between 80% and 90% of the active Internet users in Bulgaria visit the platform montly – or over 4 million visitors.

Moreover, OLX simplifies payment and delivery processes. Through exclusive partnerships for delivery and payment, businessescan sell nationally and track the status of their shipments. Additionally, users can reduce returns and make their transactions more secure, all at preferential prices with OLX’s delivery partners.

  • Expertise and experience

OLX’s mission is to help businesses achieve great results. Business customers have the opportunity to work together with their own personal OLX consultant – without additional charges. The consultant provides valueable support in terms of strategic advices for business development, tips for optimizations and guidance on how to achieve maximum efficiency and results within the platform. In addition, OLX provides comprehensive statistics to help business stay informed. The consultants can assist users in understanding the data at any time and using it to their advantage.

OLX’s goal is to jointly build the most successful strategy for every business and its online presence, thus establishing a long-term partnership over the years.