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theMarketer: Proving that Customer Loyalty Is One Email Away

Even if you were attempting to turn every single person on Earth into one of your customers, you’d still run out of prospects at some point. This is, of course, unless you focus on retaining those customers and have them coming back. In today’s context, where competition is fierce and customer loyalty is golden, theMarketer emerges as an innovative solution designed to promote business growth and forge authentic customer relationships through email and loyalty programs.  

Making email marketing great again

Born from the vision of combating the escalating costs of digital advertising that plague businesses of all sizes, theMarketer was crafted to not only address the need for cost-effective email marketing solutions but also simplify and personalize the customer engagement process. Its intuitive design and robust features make it a standout choice for creating highly effective and impactful marketing campaigns that enable businesses to grow in a sustained manner.

A toolbox for success

With theMarketer, anyone can:

  • Craft newsletters that hit the mark every time with 100% personalized product recommendations.
  • Foster enduring customer loyalty with programs tailored to their needs and commercial strategy.
  • Set up automated communication flows, such as abandoned cart alerts, cross-sell messages, welcome series, etc.
  • Engage customers directly through SMS and push notifications.
  • Grow their contact lists with user-friendly pop-ups and embedded forms.
  • Use RFM analysis for nuanced, data-driven communication.
  • Gather invaluable feedback and reviews, turning customers into active participants in their brand’s journey.
  • Empower customers to become brand ambassadors with a customizable referral program.

For the big, the small, and the special

Whether you’re launching a startup, scaling an established enterprise, or running an NGO, theMarketer’s flexibility ensures it fits your needs like a glove. With over 1,000 active users from 11 different countries, including noted brands such as Fila, Kärcher, TUI Group, and Meli Melo just to name a few, it’s clear that theMarketer’s appeal is universal. Its robust infrastructure, powered by industry giants like Amazon, guarantees the best-in-class deliverability, reliability, and scalability, letting organizations focus on what truly matters – growth.

Affordability meets excellence

theMarketer offers four different subscription plans with flexible pricing, based on the number of contacts. Besides the free version that anyone can enjoy up to 1,000 contacts, the plans start at as low as 5 euros/month, to ensure that it stays accessible without compromising on quality or functionality.

Future-proof marketing 

Looking at the future, theMarketer has ambitious growth plans, both as a platform and as an organization. Staying ahead means constantly incorporating user feedback and refining its features. What started as a simple question on their chat turned into the new, more advanced email builder they’ve just launched. And this is just one example that proves their commitment to innovation.

Simultaneously, theMarketer is expanding its reach through strategic B2B engagements and collaborations with marketing agencies and eCommerce platforms, to consolidate its presence and secure its route to success.

Take the leap with theMarketer

There’s never been a better time to explore what theMarketer can do for you. Start your journey towards more meaningful customer interactions, heightened loyalty, and, ultimately, consistent business growth. Enjoy the special discount for Balkan Ecommerce Summit participants by scanning the QR code and activating your subscription by May 5th, 2024.